Animation Institute in Chandigarh

Morph Academy offers a comprehensive range of career oriented course in Multimedia, 3D Animation, VFX, Adobe Premiere, Web designing, Graphics, Android, Gaming and many more. We only focus on developing the job Animation Institute In Chandigarhskills and prepare students to become industry ready. Morph academy is the best Animation Institute In Chandigarh. Our 3D animation & VFX course involves in depth study as well as application concepts using the latest technology. We assure that our course builds a foundation for a career in 3D animation and VFX, gaming or multimedia. It is basically a career program focusing on all innovative and creative aspects of 3D animation & VFX such as:

  • Pre production
  • Story boarding
  • Film making & character animation

Morph Academy is the best Animation Institute In Chandigarh only focuses on teaching students to make them skilled and confident in their respective fields. Our course creates job ready professionals that are needed by Graphic Design Companies, Film Studios, Gaming Studios & Animation Studios.  We provide an opportunity to join booming domestic and international 3D Animation and VFX industry. Morph Academy is a high end education brand among all training centers of Punjab. Morph has prepared hundreds of students for careers in Film making, VFX, animation, gaming, graphics & web design. We offer quality education through our career oriented courses leading to top match job placements.


Course Name : 3D Animation & Multimedia

Duration : 12 Months |  18 Months | 24 Months

Eligibility : 10th | 10+2 or equivalent


Animation & Multimedia

Advanced Diploma in Multimedia and Animation (ADMA)

Multimedia and Animation course in Chandigarh, The multimedia and animation industry is moving at a fast pace. And learning about it seems like a never ending process. Hence, this two year program strengthens your hold of the entertainment industry as it further prepares you to take on the challenges of the competitive field. Constituting of 4 Module, this course is ideal for a graduate in any field with a passion for creativity. So that they are always one step ahead of others.


Module 1: Graphics Design & Web Design -6 Months

Module 2: 3D Animation– 9 Months

Module 3: Video Editing, Music Editing, Compositing & VFX – 4 Months

Module 4: Cinematography and Film Production – 5 Months


Module 1: Graphics Design & Web Design -6 Months


Module A – Commercial & Digital Illustrations

Visual communication, Scribble, layouts, Vector Illustration, Drawing, commercial Illustrations, logos and Identity Design, Packaging Design, Typography for Web, Color Schemes and Theories, Digital Illustrations, Social media Design & Project.

Module B – Advanced Artistry and Advertisement 

Advanced Raster techniques, Creating Collages and masks, Image manipulation, Image, correction, Designing Brochures, Posters, catalogues and newspapers templates etc., International typesetting, Television & Broadcasting Design, User Interface and  Mobile Design.

Module CCore Web Design and Connectivity

HTML5/CSS3 with Dreamweaver CC, JQery and Bootstrap, Design, code and develop websites and web pages, Creating and Testing Responsive design, Web 3.0 standards, Java Script, PSD to HMTL5 & Project


Module 2: 3D Animation– 9 Months

  • animationAdvanced Inorganic & Character Modelling,
  • 3D Texturing & Shading, Material,
  • 3D Character Rigging, Deformers,
  • Kinematics (IK & FK), Constraints,
  • 3D and Digital Character Animation,
  • Dynamics, 3D Lighting,
  • 3D Rendering and Mental ray,
  • Camera Tracking and Motion tracking.
  • Cell Animation, Animation for Gaming,
  • 3D Product Modeling ,
  • 3D Architecture Modeling,
  • 3D human Modeling,
  • Basic of zbrush
  • 3D Special Effects ,
  • 3D Animation and Project


Module 3: Video Editing, Music Editing, Compositing & VFX – 4 Months

Module A – Compositing & VFX Creating Animated Background

  • Creating 3D composite
  • Advanced camera techniques
  • Broadcast animation, Creating virtual sets for broadcast
  • Type animation and casting styles,
  • Special effects using various plugins
  • Chroma key and Rotoscoping.

Module B – Non Linear Editing & Sound Editing aesthetics

  • Story boarding for Film Editing
  • Advanced Visual Effects
  • Firewire Capturing, Managing footage
  • Finishing and Outputting
  • Colour correction in a video
  • Converting from HD to DV,
  • Media Management


Module 4: Film Production & Project Portfolio – 5 Months

Module A – Language of film and visualization,

  • Cinematography,
  • Film Sound Design
  • Detailed study of Final Cut Pro
  • Virtual Reality, Roto-Artist.

Module B– Digital short advt. films

  • Short animation movies incorporating
  • Sound effects, rendering etc.
  • Remix sound track by using all the special FX
  • Documentary
  • Ad Film Making
  • Music Video Exercise