Best Acting Course and Classes in Punjab

Best Acting Course and Classes in Punjab, The program is led and taught by experienced acting professionals who bring their intellectual expertise and practical knowledge into the classroom. With their guidance, you learn how to interpret stories creatively and how to use your body and voice to communicate with other actors and with an audience. Film Acting is very different from Theatre or Drama Acting. In theatre acting, you have to perform once. But in film acting, you have to perform each and every scene multiple times maintaining the lights and camera angles.

Acting requires you to be at top of your mental as well as the physical level at all the time. Acting demands a great sense of Timing, Characterization, Discipline, Fitness, and Observation

Course Name : Acting Course

Duration : 1 Month |  3 Months

Eligibility : 10th | 10+2 or equivalent

The Voice

The voice travels on the breath, and students learn how this synergy can create a wide range of effective communication. The voice culture exercises conducted at Morph Academy is a graded methodical approach to improve the ‘quality’ of voices. Breath control, flexing of vocal chords and control of attention are some of the methods used in voice culture

The Body

The actor’s primary instrument is the body. It houses other vital instruments: the mind, the breath. His & Her body is an eloquent tool of communication too. At Morph Academy, apart from emphasizing the importance of the face and the voice, we also place great importance on using the body appropriately in a performance.

The Mind

Students learn that the mind is not a singular muscle but a repository of multiple intelligences, operations and awareness’s.

The Self

It is said that whole purpose of education, and of life itself, is to know yourself


Improvising for the actor is the ability to think and create on one’s feet. Improvisation is another aspect of acting that requires imagination and creativity. To create text and embellishment even as one performs, is something that each actor needs to know. We devote a great many class room hours to improvisation exercises and emphasize the importance of ‘logical fantasy’ in an actor’s mind.

Film Acting

The final weeks of the courses are dedicated to the rigours of filmmaking

Emoting and dialogue delivery

The final test of an actor’s caliber is his or her ability to express emotion in the exact manner and degree that a particular role requires. Emotions are expressed in many different ways but the face and especially the eyes are perhaps most communicative in conveying an emotion.

Final Project:

In the final project, the actors are given a professional shooting environment, complete with lights, sets and moving cameras to record a well developed monologue piece and a scene involving other actors. The rushes are then edited and taken through sound-post to enable the students to carry an excellent showreel that will correctly indicate their acting abilities. Best Acting Course and Classes in Punjab,Best Acting Institute cum school in Chandigarh, Mohali for acting courses, Become an Actor to start acting.

  • Explore the fundamentals of cinematography and sound
  • Discover how to edit using Final Cut professional software
  • Shoot a film using an iPhone – gain the skills to continue filmmaking using your own kit