Film Direction Course In Chandigarh

Film Direction Course in Chandigarh. This course introduces aspiring directors to the craft of film-making and the art of visual narrative. Additionally, this course will prepare the students to work as assistant directors at a professional level and to enter their first jobs in the film and television industry. Course develops the directorial ability of making the right decision at the right time. Film Direction training in Chandigarh. Students will receive a working knowledge of scheduling and budgeting as well. Value additions will be in terms of appreciation of this medium through film screenings, workshops, field trips and guest lecturers.

Course Name : Film Direction

Duration : 6 Months |  12 Months

Eligibility : 10th | 10+2 or equivalent


Diploma in Film Direction Course

  • Course is suitable to train candidate for entry-level work in the film and video industry as screenwriters, directors, production assistants, assistant directors, director’s assistants.
  • The course aims to provide an integrated overview of film and television with emphasis on direction.

Course Content

      • Music Production Course in ChandigarhVisualisation
      • Film Grammar
      • Camera & Lighting Techniques
      • Shot Compositions
      • Shot Division
      • Screenwriting
      • Directing Actors
      • Code of Production
      • Film Analysis & Film Appreciation


  • It is the last stage during which the director/producer of the programme can give shape to the programme in a way in which he or she had visualized it in the beginning. This would logically lead to quick growth without having to spend too much time in training. Creative Collaboration – Handling actors, the Crew and other unit members.
  • Exposure to other components of filmmaking – Cinematography, Editing, Sound Design, Production Management and Script- Writing.
  • Production and Marketing management of films and TV shows.
  • Practical exercises – Documentary, TV Commercials & promos, Song Pasteurization, Film Project.