Music Production Academy in Chandigarh

Music Production Academy in Chandigarh, Music Academy trains aspiring, passionate and dedicated audio personalities to the industry standards by providing themMusic Production academy in ChandigarhElectronic sound Education with the latest Industry Technology. We offer education and training in Sound Engineering, Electronic Music Production and Disc Jockeying which can be taken up as a part-time course or a Full-time course.

Our state of the art facility combined with the experience of our international faculty an our world class curriculum course Music, ensures our students the knowledge they need, to kick start their musical journey. Our active placement programs assures that our students get a good understanding of the industry..

Courses Available for Sound Engineering and Music 

Duration :  12 Months | 6 Months

Call: 9501489999, 9815489999

The Course covers Recording, Analogue Mixing & Pro-Tools along with Acoustics and Studio Construction, which are the basic requirements for Audio Engineers. Wide variety of career options, instead of fixed career alternatives. Because, the sound engineers in Punjab, India would get opportunities in the cadres like, music production, sound mixing and reproduction, radio broadcasting, film recording, background sound production, editing, recording  Music production Training Institute in Chandigarh  It covers the language of music, the recognition of tones, harmonies and rhythm and how to translate that into a written form. 

Career options After Music Production course :

The reason why we placed vision here is because, from my observation, many people forget to include this when they set out to find some sort of successful career in what they want in life. Like with any other form of art, if you’re not too good at handling your frustration, we dont think it is cut out for you. And if you are, there is a music production academy in Chandigarh in almost every city in India. You could start from there at Music Production academy in Chandigarh


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