Radio Jockeying & TV Anchoring and News Reading course

Duration: 1 Month

Radio Jockeying & TV Anchoring and News Reading course Way back in the history of television, news was a serious, The course aims to expose its students to the techniques employed in radio jockeying as well as anchoring for live events & television showsno frills business where a person assigned to read out the daily bulletin did the same with a monotonous tone and a dull expression on his or her face. Today, with the advent of news channels and news related TV programmes, the definition of the entire concept of news gathering and reading has completely been revolutionized.
The Radio Jockeying, Anchoring & News Reading Workshop at Chandigarh Film Institute aims to instill all these qualities and more in the students so that they can build themselves to be strong, smart, talented achievers in the fast growing and thrilling world of Radio, News and Anchoring.

Course Outline:

  • Acting & Drama Skills
  • Body Language
  • Basics of TV Presentation
  • Basics of hosting a TV show
  • Script Interpretation
  • Speech, Language & Diction
  • Personality & Grooming
  • On-camera training